Strengthen the communicational capacities of the vulnerable sectors (women, youth, older adults, minorities suffering exclusion, etc.) assuring them access to information and the possibility to inform, promoting dialogue, non-violent forms of conflict resolution, empowerment, as well as wide and effective participation in public affairs.

Promote the implementation of inclusive public policies, focused on social and economic justice and Human Rights.

Build bridges between the different realities in which we live, promoting multiculturalism and interculturality, and raising awareness about racism and xenophobia.


Culturally open, democratic, socially, and economically just societies in which access to education, health, housing, and wellbeing is guaranteed for all people regardless of gender, age, skin color, philosophical or political beliefs, or sexual preferences.


We believe in justice, understood as the agreement that allows all people to enjoy the full exercise of human rights.

We believe that the expansion and recognition of these rights lay the foundations of societies in which all people can equally aspire to the search for happiness.

We believe that we are always, to some extent, co-responsible for the situation of our fellow human beings -especially those who face situations of greater vulnerability- and that without paternalism or messianic aspirations, we must commit ourselves to achieve, together with them, the necessary social transformations.

We believe in the value of activism and voluntary action and we aspire to be able to demonstrate that we believe in what we do, we do what we say and we say what we think.